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Коллекция лошадей


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Коллекция лошадей


Мы действительно гордимся фактом, что лошади, экспортируемые Exclusive Equestrian Experiences Ltd., могут быть замечены на бесчисленных соревнованиях, шоу и конюшнях во всем мире.

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Journey to the Royal Wine of Baden-Württemberg
Visit with us the region with its ancient history all the way back to the roman times, which has forever left its mark not only with historical sites but mainly what this region is known for up to now - Wine

Продлите свое лето в Берлине
Berlin, the capital of Germany, will enchant you with countless number of attractions, rich cultural life with it's lively yet leisure lifestyle. There are sharp contrasts between historical and contemporary architecture, between tradition and modernity, which are so typical for this city. During this tour you will visit the largest indoor aquapark in Europe, which differs considerably from conventional aquaparks especially because of its concept:the posibility to walk in a tropical rainforest, on sandy beaches, thru waterfalls, lagoons, saunas, whirlpools, but also many good restaurants.

Кулинарная поездка в Бретань
The Country of Celts, which has preserved its original language and special traditions which sets it apart from the rest of France. In Brittany you will feel that you are stepping right into a world of myths and fairy tales. On this tour you will be able to see the capital of the region of Rennes, which is known not only for it's cathedral, but especially for the beautiful half-timbered houses. During this tour you will be able to taste Breton specialties, such as the local Galette or local cider drink and much more…

Париж и его округ
Paris is the capital of France, and also one of the most romantic cities. Paris one of the first cities that come to mind of every traveler when talking about visiting Europe. Visit the most “chic” city in the world. Paris is full of stunning architecture, old churches, romantic cafes, spectacular monuments, art galleries and much, much more.

Прага и Чешская Республика
Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful countries on the world. During this tour you will be available to visit not only the capital city which is situated in the heart of the Europe, but also the most beautiful places around this historical jewel.

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