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What is new in our horse collection. What are actual sport successes of our horses. 

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We are truly proud of the fact that horses exported by Exclusive Equestrian Experiences Ltd.  can be seen at countless competitions, shows and stables all over the world. 

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""Hey Tyna! I wanted you to see how well is Kancellara doing! This was her first time doing 1.20/1.25 . She was a champion frist time out! He is just wonderful! Has brought us so much joy ♥!!  The video is a speed class, they won!"






""Hey Tyna! I thought  I'd  let you know that Deep has safely arrived in Saskatoon. He is such a sweetheart , he followed me around arena when I turned him out last night. Had a lovely first ride today . I can't thank you enough for finding him for me!"








""Hi Tyna, just wanted to let you know that I had my first ride on Darko today. And I really love him. He seems to be exactly what you said, and I just wanted you to know how happy I am. He´s fantastic! ...... He went to a show last Friday and we won a wild card entry into the five-year-old young jumper finals.
KALI, NEW JESEY, USA                              


"Solo is the best! 
 He was fabulous . I can't believe he is such a nice hunter. My clients that own him love him and are so proud of him."





"Hi tyna! I just wanted to write and tell you how thrilled we are with Mr. Cash! He is such a lovely horse and has settled in very well here. He is wonderful to ride and has the most willing attitude- we really look forward to working with him every day! Today I took him out on the cross country for the very first time. He was unbelievable! He jumped everything like he had been doing it his entire life- right over the ditches, right into the water, over every jump I pointed him to. I am extremely excited about his future as an event horse! He has everything we are looking for. Thank you so much!"



Всем добрый день) Хочу немного рассказать о нашей осенней поездке в Чехию) Ездили мы для того, чтобы выбрать мне хорошего, надёжного партнёра для занятий конкуром) Признаюсь, переживали, т к ходит много разных слухов, да и языковой барьер — вещь не очень приятная. Но всё получилось на высшем уровне! Нам показали много хороших лошадей, разных, по-своему прекрасных, хотя наш круг поиска изначально был сужен очень многими критериями)  сли говорить, о поездке, хочу отметить, что русских туристов сопровождает русскоговорящий гид, что сильно облегчает процесс, хотя, всё таки, лучше иметь в арсенале английский)  Нам посоветовали очень хороший, приятный отель, и, хотя расстояния между некоторыми конюшнями достаточно большие, дорога не занимала очень много времени и была вполне приятной)  Сразу скажу, что в стоимость покупки лошади входят рентгены и предпродажный просмотр, имеющие юридическую силу на территории любой страны)В завершении скажу, что мы таки нашли прекрасного друга, члена семьи и настоящего партнёра для продуктивных тренировок!  Большое спасибо!





Bonjour Tyna,

Rav enfin Raphael va merveilleusement bien , il a eu tous ses vaccins et aussi rhino et le dentiste lui a enlevé sa dent de loup et est trés heureux, il ne connait que Marie Eve qui le gâte trop à mon goût car je ne veux pas qu'il devienne trop capricieux! Sa robe sa queue sa crinière qui pousse un petit peu Tout brille ? soigné comme un bébé et des couvertures sur mesure swarovski  etc etc.  Nous vous avons dans notre coeur et le jour que vous viendrez sur Paris Venez nous rendre visite et voir votre chouchou. C'est un Amour nous l'adorons. Nous vous embrassons trés fort et à bientôt.







"From the moment you arrive in CZ you know that everything is organized for your horse shopping. With a detailed itinerary of the horses you have pre-selected be prepared to drive ,with Tyna ,and see  horses that are all well presented.I was most pleasantly surprised with excellent accommodation ,  arranged by Ivan , and that we had time to fit in meals , a little sightseeing and a little shopping at an excellent tack shop.Each time I return there are more people who either come with me to shop for horses or put in their orders. Tyna arranges everything and the horses arrive ready to train and show !"

 Connie Dorsch, CANADA






Tyna you are all well?

Enigma, the beautiful and well-behaved.
We fell in love with her, she is very affectionate.

Thank you and Ivan.

I wanted to give you a souvenir on the border of Siberia.
We'll send it to you in the new year to your email address.

Happy new year!

Sergey, RUSSIA





Hello Tyna,

We thought you might like to see (and pass along to the previous owner) a few pictures of Moment One who arrived safe and sound in Canada in mid January.

He travelled well and despite an unusually cold winter here, he has settled in nicely at Ebon Stables in Saskatoon, where our 16 year old son Andrew (in the pictures) rides him.  Moment is very well looked after each day by Andrew and the staff at the Stables and has access to an outside pen for most of the morning, and an inside stall of his own for the afternoons and evenings.  Andrew has been riding for 4 years and is thrilled to be riding such a good horse for his lessons and free-riding time.  Moment has a great personality and has already bonded very well with our family.  We see him everyday and give him lots of care and attention, so please let his previous owner know that he is very well looked after and loved!

Thank you again for assisting us in purchasing Moment One!

Best regards, Donna, Bruce and Andrew Slusar, CANADA







So happy!! Sofia is stuck in California - her flight was cancelled so she is anxious to see Zidane tonight... Delfina loves him and so do I - he is so easy going and lovely! I think everyone else is in love too. Tomorrow first lesson with Rodney- so exciting. Thank you! 

 Susan, CANADA






Toutes les chevaux vont tres bien! J´adore G-Stine fort! Elle est géniale. On vous remercie beaucoup pour tout.

Sandra & Sports Études Equitation Réuninon , Ile de la Réunion






Atlantis and Anabell have safely arrived in Calgary after a very long trip. They are more beautiful than I ever imagined! Thank you so much for finding us these beauties... 

 Adrianne Sovak, CANADA






All the new horses are home and settled!! They are more than what I could have asked for!!! Just amazing!! All in super condition and beautiful!! Thank you for making all of this possible. You were professional and made everything easy!! I couldn't have asked for better people to do business with!!

 Jerri L Taylor, BAHRAIN






"I am so extremely pleased with this horse and the help that your company gave me in the process of finding him. Thank you for taking my list of priorities and finding the horse that would suit me the best, Coran is exactly what I was looking for. I was nervous buying a horse off of a video, but now I know that I have a group of people  that I can trust to find me the horse that I am looking for without having to travel outside the States."  

Denya, OHIO





Хочется сказать огромное спасибо всему коллективу Exclusive Equestrian Experiences за гостеприимство и просто за их хорошую работу. 

Мы прилетели семьей в Чехию для выбора лошади, в аэропорту нас встретил один из их менеджеров – Алена, единственная в их команде разговаривающая на русском языке. Это безусловно огромный плюс, так как, кроме как на русском, мы не разговаривали :) Алена договорилась за нас при заселении в отеле, объяснила нам что и как, провела мини-экскурсию по Праге в наш первый свободный день.
Дальше 3 дня подряд она забирала нас утром от отеля и показывала множество различных лошадей, подходящих нашим требованиям. Приезжали домой мы только под вечер; это было незабываемо, мы объездили пол Чехии на машине, даже доехали до границе с Польшей. На конюшнях все «обитатели» очень дружелюбные и всегда угощали нас чашечкой кофе и самоиспеченным кексом :)
По итогу нам предстоял нелегкий выбор, очень много лошадей были представлены нам, все они были достаточно разные, но, все-таки, мы с трудом определились и не ошиблись с выбором! Наш взгляд упал на Duchesse, она радует нас вот уже почти пол года!
Лошадь мы забирали своим ходом, покупая коневоз там же в Чехии. Опять же, хочется сказать большое спасибо коллективу Exclusive Equestrian Experiences за помощь в выборе коневоза. Без Вас мы бы не справились! :)

Из Сибири с любовью, Кристина и Duchesse :), RUSSIA



Tyna 是對工作充滿熱情的女孩,在我拜訪歐洲買馬的時候,每天都是天一亮就出門,都到深夜才能休息.走上好幾百里路,就為了幫我找到心目中的愛駒.經過他挑選的馬匹,若是表現不如預期,Tyna 會馬上予以拒絕,且在買賣的討價過程中他也是極力的幫買主爭價錢,而並不會從中蒸處差價已飽私囊.當然馬匹的健康狀況他也是從嚴審核,第一次我們成交了六匹馬,三匹是馬術馬是給自己騎乘的,另三匹障礙馬則是牛刀小試的想測試市場的銷售反映.結果在馬匹到台後三個月內便銷售一空.很受馬主們的青睞,第二趟我們告訴Tyna我們的需求,直接請他做主幫我們過濾最後又買了兩匹,將於5月8號抵台,我們都懷著期待的心情等待馬匹的到來! 

Johnson Chen, TAIWAN





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** 6 - 10 000 €
*** 10 - 30 000 €
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